Encouraging and supporting the individual child
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Ofsted URN 134436 / Registered Charity 268409

We are a charity

Eynsham Pre-School is a charitable organisation that provides excellent Early Years education to children aged 2 to 5 years old from Eynsham village and beyond. Run by a volunteer committee of parents and guardians, we rely on a combination of fees, government subsidy and our own fundraising efforts to maintain the exceptional standards parents and guardians have come to expect.


You can help us achieve these goals in 3 main ways – get involved, sponsor us, donate!

Get Involved!

Whether you’re a parent or guardian, a local business-owner or a member of our community, you can get-involved to support our school. Here are just some of the ways in which you can support our outstanding pre-school:

  • Join the committee! We’re always on the lookout for parents and guardians who can contribute some time every month to maintaining and developing our outstanding provision.
  • Get involved in our events! Have you got a band? Are you a chef or caterer? Are you a master of organisation? We have a programme of events throughout the year that aim to generate funds and raise awareness of the school. Can you donate your skills or time to making our events a success?
  • Volunteer your skillsGot a skill you can share with the children? Are you a musician or storyteller? Perhaps you’re a gardener or knitter? If there’s a specialist session you feel you could provide for our children, we want to hear from you. Please email Jackie to let us know.
  • Help us with maintenance! If you are a skilled tradesperson who can donate your time and expertise to helping us maintain our building, we would be eternally grateful. Please get in touch by contacting the committee.

Sponsor us!

If you are a local business, we would greatly appreciate your sponsorship.

  • Items you could sponsor Daily snacks, craft items, maintenance, outings, training.
  • Thank you! We can advertise you as a sponsor in our noticeboards and parent newsletter.

Other ways to help us:

  • Display our marketing materials! You could support us by letting us display our marketing leaflets or posters to help us spread the word about our upcoming fundraising events.
  • Fundraise on our behalf! Fancy a team-building bungee jump, sky dive, run or walk? We would be eternally grateful if you would raise money on our behalf through our GoFundMe page. Please get in touch with the committee for more details.

And finally…Donate!

Whatever you can give, however large or small, we’d be extremely grateful if you can donate via our GoFundMe page. We’ll spend every penny on making our outstanding school even better!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear them. Please email Lucy.