Encouraging and supporting the individual child
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Our well established enthusiastic and dedicated team are vital to Eynsham Pre-school’s ability to provide high quality care and education. They are a highly qualified, experienced and friendly team who respect the individuality and needs of each child and their family.

All team members have completed training in Early Years, been through an in-depth selection process and are DBS checked.  All staff hold Ofsted approved Paediatric First Aid Certificates, have completed local authority safeguarding training and food hygiene; as well as a programme of continuous professional development to ensure the education and care we provide enables all children to discover their true potential.

Jackie Taylor


About me: I have many years experience working with young children in a wide variety of settings. I hold a degree in Early Years, and especially love helping children develop their communication skills. Outside of work, I am mum to two teenagers and two cats! In my spare time I love to cook, especially baking cakes.
Fun fact: I love languages and have learned French, Spanish and Italian.

Teresa Seeney

Deputy Manager

I have two grown up children. I love animals and currently have a dog, a rabbit, a chicken and abudgie but would love to add pygmy goats to my collection.
I like to go for long walks, watch any animal related film or programme and spend time with
family and friends.
Fun fact:: I was a zookeeper for the day at Whipsnade Wildlife Park for my 40th birthday, I wasable to muck out a rhino and feed wolves and giraffes.

Penny Thomas

Early Years Practitioner

I am married with two children. We are a sporty family and both my children play football and cricket, and my son plays American football.
I like to play tennis, watch films at the cinema and meet friends for coffee and cake.
Fun fact:I was part of a team who rode the London to Brighton bike race on a 10 person bike!

Neeta Shiels

Early Years Practitioner

I am irresistibly creative and have been riding on an ideas carousel since I was little. I have
studied Art, Theatre and English and have a degree in Fine Art. After having 3 marvellous
children and leading a popular local playgroup for 9 Years, I realised caring for children and
enriching their early play and learning experiences encompassed my interests and skillset. I am a fantasist and see wonder all around and love to motivate and enhance children’s development through creative play, storytelling, singing nursery rhymes, dancing, music making, craft projects, yoga and outdoor physical games. I am a collector of books and all patterned, textured, shiny, and colourful materials. I love to play dress up and role play visiting imaginary places, sip cold tea and pretend to eat delicious fake cake. Exploring the outdoors in all wild weathers, having adventures with my family, making discoveries, bug hunting, and jumping in muddy puddles makes me happy. I wish the day was longer!
Fun Facts: I have a fairy godmother and godfather. I make skirts out of old curtains. I once invigilated an international art exhibition where the artwork included puddles and a cardboard spaceship. Awesome!

Claire Malin

Early Years Practitioner

I live on a farm with my two sons. We have chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and cows. I have a
large garden and we are growing lots of vegetables.
I like walking, gardening, movies and camping in the New Forest.
Fun fact: Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a thunder storm.

Tracy Lau

Lunch cover assistant and bank staff.

Sam Pollard

Early Years Practitioner

About me:
Fun fact:

Christina Laughton-Rust

Early Years Practitioner

I am currently retraining to work in early years and have always had a passion for teaching and learning. I enjoy the enthusiasm and energy that young children bring to every aspect of life, it's wonderful feeding their curiosity and interests as the days go by! I particularly enjoy maths and science, and I love to explore these topics with the children. When not in work, I spend my time gardening, reading and video gaming, usually with my two children/pro bug hunters.

Tasha Townsend

Early Years Practitioner

About Me:
Fun Fact:

Connie Holman

Early Years Practitioner

About me:
Fun fact:

Lizzy Kirby

Early Years Practitioner

About me: I live in Eynsham with my husband and 2 children; they are 8 and 5. We also have a dog and 2 cats. I am a registered nurse and have decided upon a change in career. I enjoy crafts of most types, especially knitting and sewing. I also LOVE books, I am never without one.
Fun fact: I have bungee jumped which was incredible and would love to skydive one day!

Lucy Merry

Administrator and Fundraiser

About Me: I have been a Committee member then appointed Admin, Bookkeeper & payroll Support for the Preschool and Committee. I have 2 children and have grown up in Eynsham, so have a vested interest in the community. I enjoy making anything creative and crafty.
Likes: Crafting, family time, friends, chocolate.
Fun fact: I’ve been in a hot air balloon over Cairns and a helicopter over Sydney, and been
snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef