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Our curious new approach

We have been very busy over the Easter holidays and we have made some big changes to the pre-school setting. We have moved around the areas and have started to bring in some new learning experiences for the children.

As part of this, we have been looking at a new initiative called ‘The Curiosity Approach’.   The approach focuses on children being able to use their natural curiosity for life and their imagination in a different way by having the opportunity to play with ‘real life’ authentic resources (e.g. crockery in the home corner) natural materials (e.g. wood, sand, water) and lots of loose parts and sensory materials (e.g. pine cones, twigs, fabric, bangles, spoons, feathers) rather than lots of plastic toys.  It has been really eye opening watching how the children are looking after the breakable items and playing with the resources in a different, more imaginative way over the past couple of weeks.

This approach also links in really well with Forest School and ties the inside and outside learning experiences together.

For more details about the Curiosity approach, please follow this link: www.thecuriosityapproach.com.

I want you to be rest assured that we will still be following your children’s interests and next steps and linking these into our planning alongside the new approach and although the changes over Easter were notable, over the coming weeks it will be a more gradual process.

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