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Summer Term

Summer term has been memorable for a number of reasons, not least of course for the enforced closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s not all that’s been going on though…

Just prior to the closure we took delivery of some eggs and an incubator to allow the children to see chicks hatching and starting to grow. All 10 of our eggs hatched successfully, and the children loved interacting with their new fluffy class mates. The chicks have since moved on to a local farm where they are living happily free range.

Recently we have also welcomed some caterpillars to the pre-school, where the children have been able to witness one of natures most incredible lifecycles first hand: as the caterpillars make the change to a chrysalis before undergoing metamorphosis and emerging as a painted lady butterfly.


Our fundraising volunteers have also been busy.

Although the Easter fun day that we were planning had to be cancelled, a village wide scarecrow hunt was in the late stages of organisation and went ahead over the first weekend of May. We hope you got out and saw some of the many entries around the village. Pictures are in this Facebook post. Congratulations to everyone who made a

scarecrow. We chose not to fund raise during the event but some people were kind enough to donate anyway.

We also organised a village garage sale as the lockdown measures were starting to ease (with social distancing measures). The weather held, and the event went extremely well with over 50 sales happening around the village. The two events raised in excess of £1000.

Many thanks to our fundraising committee, and to everyone who helped make both events so successful.

We’ll be back in September, but won’t be idle over the summer, so like our Facebook page for news on events such as ‘Stay and Play’ sessions that may be running over the summer.